We are open!

Welcome back to all our employees and all other construction sites in Ireland. Starting Monday 18th May 2020, we will see the reopening of building sites nationwide.

On the evening of Friday 27th March 2020, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar put the country into lockdown. Which in effect closed all construction sites in Ireland.

With nearly 8 weeks of closure, we are not only celebrating the reopening of building sites but we are also ensuring the safety of our employees as they get back to work.

Safety measures on reopening building sites:

  • Good hygiene and hand washing: All employees have been updated on the hygiene measures expected from them. Hand washing must be done properly and often.
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean. Do not share objects that touch your mouth such as bottles and cups.
  • Disposable gloves: Do not wear disposable gloves in place of washing hands. The virus can get on gloves in the same way it gets on hands.
  • Face masks: Face masks are unlikely to be of benefit it the wearer is not sick.
  • Ensure no person with symptoms attends work/site. For example: fever (temperature), cough, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties, etc.
  • Workers must adhere to a social distance of 2 metres from each other.
  • Ensure people cough/sneeze into a tissue, sleeve or elbow to catch any droplets.
  • Ensuring that all surfaces and objects are cleaned and disinfected regularly.

For more information on safety for reopening building sites, see HERE.

Roadmap for reopening businesses

The reopening of building sites was part of ‘Phase 1’ from the governments notice of reopening society and businesses. Also included in Phase 1 (issued on Monday 18th May 2020) was the reopening of hardware stores, builders merchants and those providing essential supplies and tools for gardening, farming and agriculture; garden centres and farmers markets, Opticians/Optometrists/Outlets providing hearing test services, selling hearing aids and appliances, retailers involved in the sale, supply and repair of motor vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles and related facilities (for example, tyre sales and repairs) and office products and services; electrical, IT and phone sales, repair and maintenance services for home. This does not include homeware stores.

Phase 2 is due to go ahead on Monday 8th June 2020. Phase 2 should allow small retail outlets to reopen with a small number of staff on the basis that the retailer can control the number of individuals that staff and customers interact with at any one time.

Phase 2 will should also allow public libraries opening so long as the numbers allowed in are limited, social distancing is observed and there is strict hand-sanitising in place for anyone who goes into the library.

For more information from Gov.ie on the roadmap, see HERE.

Clancon Build reopening building sites

Covid 19 has changed all our lives but we want to thank customers for their patience and understanding over the past few weeks. Your safety and our safety is paramount – that is why we have invested in new procedures, signage and staff training – Social distancing and hand sanitising guidelines will apply in our sites.

Restrictions and procedures on the way we work with our ‘team members’, sub-contractors, suppliers, professionals and our clients will be the new normal, until such time as this worldwide event is dealt with and that we can review procedures in a practical and safe manner.

Hygiene and Safety will be paramount regardless.

We hope to see a return to a new normal and that people can enjoy the simple things of charitable works, socialising with friends, sports and travel!

For more information on new builds, home renovations and extensions, see HERE.

Thank you to our supporters

During the reopening of building sites and throughout the year, Punctual Print have been a huge help!

Punctual Print have a full range of safety and information signage at cost-effective prices to ensure that all regulations required by your company or organisation will be met.

To get in touch with Punctual Print, see HERE.