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Extending your home is a fantastic way to gain more space

Extending your home; enables more space for bedrooms, home office, living area, larger kitchen or an ensuite. Sometimes people move just to gain more space however extending can often be a much more cost effective solution to your space problems. An overwhelming advantage of extending and not moving is the issue of stamp-duty.

It does not take a genius to work out that by the time you have calculated the agent’s fees for selling your house and the stamp duty on the one you are thinking of buying, you might well find you could build yourself quite a decent extension for the same price.

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What do You Need to Consider before Extending?

The trick is to extend and to come out well in the investment stakes, which means you have to put a lot of thought into even the smallest extension. For example, if you merely wish to extend the kitchen at the rear of your 1930s semi, should it be single storey or two? If it is the latter, what will go above it?

There are also practical issues to consider that are not directly concerned with the construction process. Access is a good example. If you add to your accommodation, will it mean more cars will need to be parked on the drive? If you have no drive then the lack of off-street parking might be a reason for the refusal of planning permission.

Similarly, if your house is in a terrace do you have rear access for the unloading of building materials or if not, will you have to bring everything from beams to blocks, and girders to guttering through the house?

Extensions are sought by the homeowners for a variety of reasons. The arrival of a new member in the family, newer needs because of growing kids, turning an unused room into your office-at-home are just some common examples. In terms of adding value and utility to your property, extensions can be very effective as they can be integrated in various ways to reduce your energy expenses and improve your style and efficiency of living.