Building a new home is always going to be a big project!

Sizing the land, ensuring each and every room is spacious enough and working on budgets can take up a lot of time when building a new home. But it is also very exciting.

Whether your building a new home for your family or for yourself – you want everything to be perfect! Therefore you should ensure you do all your research beforehand.

Ask yourself how much you willing to spend and do your research to make sure this price range is achievable for what you want. Chat about what is needed in the home, do you need a downstairs bathroom or do you just want one? Do you need space for two office chairs or is one enough? And of course make sure the land is suitable before throwing money at it!

Above everything, make sure you are working with a high quality construction company! We hear too many stories of construction companies not completing tasks they once promised, adding bill after bill without running it by the owners and just leaving a job half done.

So here are our top tips on finding a great construction company when building a new home:

Check the reviews!

We know it might sound simple but sometimes when a sales rep has been so kind and charming on the phone, you don’t doubt they are going to do a bad job. Even if everyone is polite and they seem perfect, always go online and check their reviews. Check on Google, check on Facebook and check on their website. If you start seeing bad comments and 1 or 2 stars, stay away from the company.

Get feedback from past clients

If you know someone who has recently worked with a construction company, reach out to them and get feedback about the company they worked with. Getting someones personal feedback on how they experienced building their new home will give you a great idea of what to expect.


Check through images on recent builds on the company website and social media sites to see if the end result is of high quality! If the company doesn’t have photos or videos of their new builds available for the public to see, it might mean the work they do is of poor quality.

It is your time and money you are investing into building a new home so make sure you are happy with the service and standard provided by your construction company.

Check out our most recent new build below! Clancon Build provide the highest standard of service and products when building a new home. We ensure to give you all the information you need and work with you through your plans and ideas. You happiness is key to our business so our clients are always smiling!

At the beginning:


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