Home renovations in 2021 can increase huge value to your home while also adding that extra bit of space and comfort you may be looking for as ‘stay at home’ continues.

There is no doubt that increasing the size of your property by adding rooms or by making rooms bigger will add value to your home. But these projects will also make your property more modern which again adds much more value.

Families and home owners always have a million excuses for putting off construction work in their home. ‘It’s not the right time’ or ‘maybe we should wait until we really need it’. Yet continue to search online about home renovations in 2021!

So to help you make a decision on your home renovations in 2021, we have made a list of benefits below:

Love the space you live in!

We spend so much time in our homes so you should at least enjoy your home to the fullest. Your home should bring a smile to your face. It should look appealing, feel spacious, comfortable and safe. If opening up your kitchen or adding an extra bathroom or creating a play area for the kids will bring you and your family joy – why not do it?

Home renovation in 2021

Increases the value of your home

Even if you don’t plan to sell or rent out your home. Increasing the value of your home is always a benefit. If you want to sell in the future, you know your return on investment will be so much higher if you spend a little now to enhance the property. Or if your looking to pass your property onto your children, they will receive a much higher value for the property.

Or if you are looking to sell, home renovations are the best way to make a lot more on your property. The cost of any home goes up massively by adding an extra bedroom, bathroom, conservatory, etc.

Improve home efficiency with home renovations in 2021

New windows, doors, heat pumps etc may be needed sooner rather than later to tackle those bills. Sometimes your property may be actively working against you because you don’t have the systems in place which will save you money in the long run. Minimise your energy expenses by upgrading your home. It will bring you peace in mind while also adding value to your property.

Here at Clancon Build we understand the daily demands of our clients and their families. We work hard to focus on what our customers need from the construction itself to timing and costings. We ensure to work with each customer on a case by case basis understanding the needs of our client and provide a high quality service with amazing results.

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