Check out our amazing new build in Clondalkin we recently completed.

New Home Extension

This stunning new home extension in Dublin gave the family some much needed living space. As our family’s grow or when the kids get bigger, your home can start to feel smaller! The extra room has given them a spacious area for their dinning room for the whole family to sit and eat together every evening.

See below all the added space in their home and large windows giving it a nice airy feel. With the sun coming in through the big windows and doors, their new home extension will light up all year round.

New home extension

With this extension you have the high ceilings giving you an immediate breathing space and a light, refreshing feeling! The great thing about a home extensions on the bottom floor is that you can make the roof higher than the rest of your downstairs area, giving your home a classy and cool look. You also have the roof window which is amazing for late evening dinners looking up at the stars!

When planning any new home extension, you need to decide on how big or small it needs to be. During this extension, the space was being taken away from the back garden and added to the home. Thankfully the family were quite happy to reduce the size of their garden and we were happy to clear it out for them.

After deciding the size of the extension, it was time for us to clear out the garden and ensure the floor was safe and secure to build on. From flower beds to cobble stone to fences; it had to go! See below the space we cleared out for their new home extension.

New home extension

We have completed so many amazing extensions in Dublin but what we love most about this extension is the fantastic design of the roof. Standing outside looking at the extension you can really see how modern the building is and the colours in the roof work look great with the features in the garden – not to mention the elegant lights along the walls of the extension. You really want to make sure your new home extension is beautiful inside and out!

There are so many advantages to adding an extension to your home. Gives you more space within your home, sometimes your outdoor space is bigger than you need, you could be looking to add a bedroom for an addition to your family. Sometimes people just want their home to feel more modern or they may be sick of waiting in line for the bathroom and need an additional one. You could be looking for extra storage or looking to add value to your property. Whatever it is, we’re here to help!

So whether your looking for an new home extension in Dublin or elsewhere in Ireland, be sure to contact us HERE. You can also check out more of our latest work on our Facebook page HERE.