Here at Clancon Build, we would like to wish all our customers a happy New Year and a happy new home.

Our team have worked very hard to build your perfect extensions, renovations and new home’s. The Christmas period is over and it is time for everyone to be back at work. Here at Clancon Build we are back churning the cement and drawing last minute sketches.

Image of a new home being built.

Many people believe it is difficult for builders to work on new projects during the winter months. With Clancon Build’s products and building method, we can work on any projects during the winter storm. So do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a new home this 2018.

Our workers will be well wrapped up on site and we hope your home is too. If you are living in a home that is currently under construction follow some of these tips.

– Block it up.

Any gaps letting in the cold have blocked up. Temporary insulation or an old fashioned enclosed porch on any doors or windows being worked on. Particularly if you are having an extension added to your home.

– Good Insulation.Image of a new home being built.

Be sure the rest of your home has good insulation while under construction. If your home has good wall and attic insulation then your house should stay heated even if builders exit and enter your house every 5 minutes.

– Heat Smarter not Harder

Heat up the rooms you are using. Ensure radiators are turned off in open areas of the house not being used. Keep windows and doors closed in the areas of the house being used as ‘living space’.

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