There are many reasons why a person would consider renovating their home. They may be looking to add extra space or redesign an unsuitable layout; perhaps the kids have finally flown the nest, and they want to give the house an update. Many people choose to renovate instead of buying a new house. Others take on a run-down house as a project to turn it into their dream home. Whatever the reason, if you are considering renovating, we’re here to help with some expert tips. Clancon are the leading choice for home renovations in Dublin, with decades of experience and a team of professional experts on board.

Firstly, consider what you already have. Do you need an extension, or will it be possible to reorganise the space you already have? At Clancon, we can help you to assess the current layout of your home and redesign it to make the most of the space that’s there. An extension may be ideal for a growing family, but if you need extra space rather than extra rooms, a remodel could be ideal.

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Secure your finances. It’s important to be able to fund your renovation project in the most cost-effective way. This may be through the use of a personal loan, savings, or through refinancing your current mortgage. Your bank or personal financial advisor will be able to provide the best advice to help you determine how much you can afford to spend. You will then be able to discuss this budget with your building contractor to plan for your project.

Find a contractor that you trust. Know what you want for your renovation project before you speak to any contractors so that you can get the most accurate estimate for works. Speak to friends and family for recommendations, or those who have had similar work carried out to what you want. You should always talk to a number of contractors before making a decision, as it is a very big commitment. Bear in mind that you may need to hire several contractors for the project, such as an architect, engineer, and builder. Luckily, at Clancon we have a full team available for complete architectural design services, so we can see your project through from start to finish, rather than having to deal with multiple individual contractors.

Finally, find out if you will need planning permission for your home renovations in Dublin. Many minor changes won’t require permission, but it’s always wise to check first. You’ll find further advice here or you can contact your Local Authority for more information.

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