Clancon Build deliver the highest finish on all their building jobs

It doesnt matter if you come in on budget. You finish on time. You meet the job spec. None of this matters if the finish is not 100%.

Over the years Clancon have been called in to fix jobs. We have seen jobs that never should have been signed off and this is just wrong. As a builder and a proud tradesman you should be able to stand back and be proud of your work.

We at Clancon are proud. We are proud of the amazing attention to detail all of our workers have. We are so proud you will always see us sharing the photos over on facebook.

So if you are hiring a builder or hiring a construction company always ask to see some photos of finished work.

When checking finished work we don’t want to see a big photo of the whole job so you cannot see the detail. We wan to see up close pictures. Check out our photos below. See how we zoom right in to how you how perfect the corners are. Always demand perfection like this.

If you need help with anything building related give us a shout we would be delighted to chat to you.

On time | On budget | EXPERT FINISH