new build homes dublin

Choosing to build a new house rather than buying an existing house is a popular option here in Ireland. It really is the ideal opportunity to create your dream home, built to your exact design and specifications. It is not always for the faint of heart though! You will need to go through several processes in order to build your new home.

Choosing a site

First of all, you’ll need a suitable site of plot of land. This is a popular option for new home builds Dublin, especially for people who have inherited a site. Alternatively, you may decide to demolish an existing building that is no longer habitable and build again from scratch. You might also look at the option of purchasing a site, which is an ideal solution if you are looking to build in a very specific area. Many sites come with planning permission already in place, or where planning has been granted in the past and is likely to be granted again.

Planning permission

On the subject of planning, if you’re considering a new home build it’s essential to consider that planning permission will be required. Speak to your local authority who can advise you on what you’ll need to do to apply. Bear in mind that this process can be lengthy; you’ll need to submit an application, and place a notice of intention to apply in a local publication. At this point submissions or objections can be made to your application, so it’s important to consider any potential barriers to building a new home in your chosen site. Environmental factors, the size or height of your proposed build and effects on local amenities are common reasons for objections.

new home builds dublin

Choosing a builder

A great building contractor will be your next step when building a new home. That’s where Clancon will come in. We are experts in the field of helping you to design and realise your dream home. We’ll work with you to establish your exact requirements and work closely with you and your budget to ensure the entire project runs efficiently. If you’re looking for the right contractor for new home builds Dublin, give us a call! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook too to keep up to date with our latest new build projects.