There are many reasons to consider renovating your home. Many people purchase a smaller home to get their foot on the property ladder, only to find that within a few years it’s not able to grow with their needs. Others may have been in a larger house for many years and now need to adapt the house to suit their changing lifestyle. For many it can be a great alternative to the hassle of moving home, especially in cities like Dublin where house prices are on the rise and demand outstrips supply. Clancon is one of Dublin’s leading building companies, and today we’re sharing our top tips for home renovations.

home renovations dublin clancon

Determine your needs and your budget

You will need to decide what the most important aspects of the renovation are for your home, and if you are going to renovate your entire home or just parts of it. You’ll also need to decide on a budget – the last thing you want is to get into unnecessary debt because you haven’t planned correctly. It’s always worth putting aside a contingency fund for unforeseen costs. Hiring an expert architect will help you to plan accordingly to make the most out of your budget. Clancon has a team of expert designers and architects, meaning you can get all of your services under one roof!

home renovations dublin clancon

Renovating means many things

Home renovations can include many things. It could be redesigning the layout of rooms or entire floors, such creating open plan spaces or adding ensuites to bedrooms. Other home renovations could mean adding an attic conversion or an extension. Consider what you really need – is it extra bedrooms for a growing family, or for accommodating guests? Do you need more open living space for cooking and entertaining? Would you prefer to have a separate living space for kids and adults? Discuss these needs with your building contractor, who will be able to give you the best advice.

Check if you need planning permission

Most renovation projects won’t require planning permission, but if you’re extending or converting, it’s worth checking with your local authority to be on the safe side.

home renovations dublin clancon

Prepare for disruption

While your home renovation is underway, your life will be disrupted, at least partially, during the project. You may need to bunk up with the kids, or live with limited living space while constructions is going on. You may even need to consider moving out altogether if it’s a larger home renovation, so it’s worth figuring out if you can stay with friends or family temporarily or if you’ll need to rent a property. You should factor this into your budget when preparing.

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